Diagnostics and Application for Remediation Services: 

•   Soil sampling and diagnostics, includes mineral and soil biology report

•   Provide care plan, soil remediation and respective estimates 

•   Site visit and consultation 

•   Implementation of a protocol based on desired outcomes 

•   Follow up visits, monitoring results

Improved walnut crop yield

Benefits of Cure Soil Services: 

•   Once established, living soils require up to 20-30% less irrigation, adding to your savings. 

•   Weed suppression without the use of glyphosate and other detrimental organophosphate based herbicides. 

•   Bring back to life your Canary Island Date Palms suffering from Fusarium wilt 

•   Protect the Torrey Pine from Pine Bark Beetle 

•   Removal of peach leaf curl from your fruit orchard 

•   Resistance from Armilarila root rot in Avocados 

•   Removal of fungus in lawns while increasing water holding capacity 

We predominantly focus on large scale agriculture, organic farms and commercial nursery operations.