CURE SOIL CONSULTING assesses soil conditions, identifies issues and implements solutions to enhance the soil’s capacity to regenerate depleted landscapes, restoring them back into healthy living ecosystems with greater yield.

What we do: Soil testing with microscope assays, mineral reports and plans for soil based solutions for enhancing and remediating ecosystems.

Who we serve: We predominantly focus on large scale agriculture, organic farms and commercial nursery operations.

Restoring the HEALTH and VITALITY of your land
Test, don’t guess.

CURE SOIL CONSULTING uses proven methods accepted widely by the scientific community to cure soil and the plants that grow it.

About Cure Soil

Ian Hunter– Owner and founder of CURE SOIL CONSULTING, has worked in Organic Agriculture, landscape and soil Microbiology for over 20 years.

B.S. in botany from Oregon State University Biodynamic farm inspector for Demeter Biodynamic Certification LLC

Restoring the HEALTH and VITALITY of your land

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Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter