“Compost windrows produced by Ian Hunter of Cure Soil have consistently achieved microbial diversity, biomass, and population levels commensurate with an effectively functioning soil food web. He is intelligent and voracious in his pursuit of technical and scientific knowledge, never abandoning tried-and-true techniques without deep experimentation and repeated results. Curiosity abounds as he ventures deeper into the field of soil health.”

Nick Tomasini
Humankind Founder

“The compost purchase from Cure Soil was a nice addition to the ranch for the 2022 farming season. The compost was clearly made with care and attention. Upon a site visit to Cure Soil, it was obvious that the processes used to build the material was one with a focus on building biology which, in turn gets returned to the soil. Sea Smoke purchased roughly 20 tons from Cure Soil in 2022 and incorporated it on one of our oldest blocks. Upon delivery the compost showed to be high quality with much of the material clearly showing active biology within the compost. The combination of the rain in 2023 coupled with the addition of the material in 2022 is making for a promising growing season in the applied areas.”

Julian Malone
Director of Vineyard Operations Sea Smoke

“The sign of a true consultant is both their expertise and the results they can generate, as well as their awareness of the industry and the tools available to solve any problem. Through working with Ian and his crew we saw incredible things happen throughout the garden and landscape. But where Ian really thrives is in the collaborations that generate new and sustainable solutions to modernize the common ag approach and create a far more sustainable way of rethinking the growing enviroment and the inputs that foster our future.”

Ryan Neil
Founder of Mirai, Treehouse Project

“Over the past two-and-a-half decades of working in the organic horticulture and rare plants space, I have come to realize that healthy gardens aren’t spawned from adding fertilizers, nursery compost and mulch. In fact, they are created and recreated by using regenerative soil practices, much like what happens naturally in a forest ecology. Once I met Ian Hunter and started working with Cure Soil, I came to realize soil microbiology and living compost is the holy grail and SOURCE of establishing any healthy landscape, garden or farm. By submitting and processing soil samples through Cure Soil, we have been able to pinpoint soil deficiencies, fertilizer overages and view in real time, the living microbiome or lack thereof in any soil and make accurate adjustments to alleviate plant disease and fruit drop. Cure Soil probiotic compost has not only bolstered entire landscapes, but has reversed severe plant sickness in many cases through root application and foliar spray. Overall, in contrast to reaching for costly nutrients and pest management products using guesswork, Cure soil has added a cost effective product and service as an accurate and essential game changer!”

Jake Moss
Principal at Regenerate Landscape Design