Ian Hunter

Owner & founder of Cure Soil LLC. has been working in organic agriculture since he graduated high school in 1998. Receiving his degree from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Botanical Science, his passion for how our food is grown has taken him from the field to research laboratories. Over the years his mission has remained the same; to regenerate the planet and cure the land that feeds us. 

As a senior in high school Ian and his friends dug up the family front lawn to plant a vegetable garden in their Northern California home.  That same passion for local food is apparent in the farms and communities he works with today. His company, Cure Soil is devoted to providing farms and communities with access to the most up-to-date farming technologies available.

Ian’s latest focus has been on the production of biodynamic & bio-complete compost throughout the western United States. A product that is drastically in low supply.

Ian continues to expand his horizons by collaborating with leading researchers in the industry throughout the globe. Bringing together farmers, donors, volunteers, and others to catalyze changes for a better future. Throughout the year, he travels to consult with companies from the Rocky Mountains to the Hawaiian Islands.